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Review: Water Softener with Autotrol 255/460i Control

Water is the essence of our survival, which is the reason you should take great measures to ensure that the water you consume is as pure as possible. While the regular water filter is able to remove physically visible impurities, the chemicals and salts present in hardened water needs an advanced water filtration system to break it down into pure, softened water.

This is where the technology of water softening comes in to save the day, by breaking down the impurities and making the water drinkable without any bad taste or odor. While there are numerous water softening systems available in the market, only a few have been as popular as the Metered Water Softener by CAI Technologies. The reason behind the popularity of this water softener is its 48,000 grain capacity and the special addition of the Autotrol 255/460i Control, which makes this purifier stand out of the ordinary.


Noteworthy Features of the CAI Technologies 48K Water Softener

CAI Technologies is known for its quality based equipment, and this water softener stands the test with its 48,000 grain capacity to soften water with ease. This water softener has been created to not only boost the soft water regeneration process, but also reduce the dependency on salt as well.

The premium grade ion resin used in the crafting of this water softening system is highly efficient in breaking down the magnesium and calcium ion bond, thus improving the efficiency of the system. All of this comes with the Autotrol control to make the water filtration system effective and user friendly.


The Autotrol 255/460i Controller

The entire mechanism of this 48,000 grain water softener system is based on microprocessor control. Harness the smart technology of the Autotrol ¾ 255 value microprocessor is based on 460i control which has been designed to minimize the utilization of salt. Moreover, this programmable microprocessor control by Autotrol makes the best use of efficient regeneration process. The control unit makes sure that you always have enough water for drinking and cleaning.


  • The 1.5 ft ion exchange resin ensures that that each drop of the water that passes through the filtration system comes out pure.
  • The materials used by CAI Technologies in the development of this water softener are industrial grade and will last you for decades to come.
  • The turbulator-style distributor makes the filtration system more efficient.
  • The brine tank with measures of 8inch by 33inch is large enough to store softened water for a medium to large family with ease.


  • While the Metered water softener has received positive feedback in most cases, a customer reported that the water softener did not fare well against well water.


The Final Verdict

The quality build components and advanced functionality of the Metered water softener by CAI Technologies has been a popular choice among the masses. On Amazon, the water softener has received a gracious 4.2 star rating, owing to the added feature of the Autotrol 255/460i control unit, which makes the system produce more softened water is reduced time and also minimizes the dependency of the unit on salt for regeneration.